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International Solar Fuels Conference 2021 

26th - 29th July 2021


Organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry in partnership with the University of Grenoble and Uppsala University, the 4th International Solar Fuels Conference is a highlight for the solar fuels community. This year the meeting will be held online. It will take place from Monday 26th to Thursday 29th July

Important information:


Registration deadline: 12th July 2021
Abstracts submissions CLOSED


Chemical Science Symposium 2021: Biohybrid Approaches to Sustainable Energy Conversion

13th - 15th September 2021,

UK (virtual meeting) . Full information here.

Leading chemical and biological science researchers and emerging investigators from a broad range of backgrounds will come together to explore and celebrate the theme of the 2021 symposium: Biohybrid Approaches to Sustainable Energy Conversion.

The invited speakers for this symposium will discuss research of microbial/living cell-hybrid, protein-hybrid approaches and bio-inspired approaches to sustainable energy conversion, inspiring conversations over a range of topics, including:

  • conversion of plant biomass into fuel molecules

  • semi-artificial chloroplasts for CO2 fixation

  • bio-inspired catalysis

  • microbial electrosynthesis as a way to produce CO2-neutral biofuels

The scientific programme of talks will be complemented by online networking opportunities and digital poster sessions

Further information

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