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New content on the Education page!

The Solar Fuels Network is please to announce that we have updated the Eduction page on the website!

There are three activity sheets to download: “Chlorophyll Extraction“, “Water Electrolysis“, and “Make Your Own Spectroscope“.  There are also links to videos that introduce Solar Fuels and Artificial Photosynthesis.

Each activity sheet includes a brief summary of the activity, an Introduction that puts the activity in context, full instructions for the activity, and a Theory section that explains some of the science.  There is also an outline of how the activity sheet relates to the UK Science Curriculum (Key Stage 3 to A-Level).  There are links to relevant BBC Bitesize webpages for further information.  All these activities can be done using everyday equipment, but are also suitable for use in schools.  Young children will need to be supervised closely, and may need help (e.g. with using scissors).  The Introduction and Theory sections are most suitable for ages 13 upwards – the Theory sections include some A-Level concepts.

We hope you enjoy the new content!

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