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8th Solar Fuels Network Symposium

Updated: May 24, 2021

On December 1st 2020 the delayed 8th UK Solar Fuels Network Symposium was held online. The meeting was planned to be held in person at the University of Liverpool in the spring but it was decided to move online once the severity of the COVID outbreak became clear. Although we missed the chance to meet colleagues in person, as is often the case, there was a silver-lining.

Typically, SFN in person symposia reach around 100 people, in contrast we had over 230 individuals join our online webinar. We were particularly excited to see the global reach of the event with people logging in from over 30 different countries from 6 different continents (come on Antarctica you are letting the side down!). Registrants heard a fantastic range of presentations from our invited speakers and we are incredibly grateful to Prof’s Roel van de Krol, Andy Cooper, Erwin Reisner, Andrew Mills and Dr Ludmilla Steier.

This great experience has led the SFN advisory board to decide that going forward we will aim to run SFN symposia as hybrid events with both in person and online registration to maximise accessibility. If you are reading this British Antarctic Survey there is no excuse next time- let's get all 7 continents involved in solar to fuels!

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