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The Solar Fuels Network actively supports public engagement and outreach activities that raise the profile of solar fuels/artificial photosynthesis research. Outreach and Dissemination Bursaries are available for UK-based SFN members to help fund such activities, see Funding.

Useful links

Partner organisations:
Royal Society of Chemistry -
Solar Fuels Institute -
Knowledge Transfer Network Energy Community -
Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Science & Innovation Network -
Videos and radio programmes featuring solar fuels:
Erwin Reisner’s (University of Cambridge) research group’s introduction to solar fuels -
BBC World Service programme The Forum: The Future of Renewable Energy -
BBC Radio 4 programme Frontiers: Artificial Photosynthesis -
BBC World News interview with Deirdre Black (Royal Society of Chemistry) about artificial
photosynthesis -
SOFI video Crowdfunding the First Drops of Solar Fuel -
UK Solar Fuels Research
Here are some examples of UK research groups’ work on solar fuels:
Solar Fuels Research at the University of Glasgow -
Imperial College’s Artificial Leaf Initiative -
Prof Fraser Armstrong (University of Oxford) -
Dr Alex Cowan (University of Liverpool) -
Prof Robin Perutz (University of York) -
Prof Erwin Reisner (University of Cambridge) -