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Opportunity in Solar Fuels Research

PhD Position in Marseille: Mechanism of hydrogenases 

University of Marseille

The PhD student will use direct electrochemistry and other kinetic methods to study various aspects of the reactivity of NiFe hydrogenases produced in our lab. The project focuses on the molecular aspects of catalysis, using an interdisciplinary collaboration between chemists and biochemists/molecular biologists at the group of Prof. Christophe Léger.

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To apply, please sent to a CV and the contact details of two former advisors. 



PhD Position in Artificial Photosynthesis: study of MCO as photosynthetic mimic 

University of Marseille

The multicopper oxidase (MCO) laccase couples the mono-electronic oxidation of organic substrates to the four-electron reduction of dioxygen into water. Such biological tandem oxidative and reductive processes are inspiring the design of hybrid systems for Oxygen Atom Transfer Reactions by grafting a synthetic sensitizer-catalyst potentially able to photoactivate H2O to the surface of an active robust laccase that performs O2 reduction.

In this context, the challenging and ambitious goal of this PhD project is, using light to trigger ET in MCO from discrete surface grafting points, to study the intramolecular ET, the repartition of the electrons on the 4 CuII ions and mechanistic aspects of the O2+4e-+4H+<->2H2O (reversible) reactions. The system (a fungal laccase) will be studied with state of the art spectroscopic techniques (UV/VIS, EPR, stopped-flow) and laser flash photolysis.


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Deadline: application open from 1st March 2020 until further notice (more info: Dr. Thierry Tron (

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Applications (CV, motivation letter, 2 reference letters, transcripts) are exclusively received via the CNRS job portal ( For
any further information contact Dr. Thierry Tron (