PhD & Post-doctoral Adverts

Opportunity in Solar Fuels Research

Research Associate in Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Loughborough University

Loughborough University's Department of Chemistry are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate to work as part of the wider Centre to develop highly efficient electrochemical CO2 reduction process for the synthesis of chemical precursors from CO2 and wastes biomass resources.  The project is a part of a national research programme with the aim to develop highly efficient electrochemical and bioelectrochemical system able to convert waste CO2 from industrial process to multi-carbon products as chemical feedstocks as alternative raw materials for fuels and chemical production using renewable energies. The post will suit a talented and enthusiastic Research Associate/Assistant with experience of research in catalyst development, reactor design and process optimisation for Electrochemical reduction of CO2.


Post-doctoral Position in Electrocatalysis

University of Liverpool

The post-doctoral research associate will work in the Cowan group at the University of Liverpool to explore how magnetic fields generated in-situ at the electrochemical interface can modulate electrocatalytic activity during electrochemical water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction. Applicant with a PhD in a relevant discipline (chemistry, materials science) with expertise in electrocatalysis are encouraged to contact Prof Alex Cowan ( The post is on a fixed term basis, for 12 months from April 2021.The research work to be developed is framed within the field of light induced redox catalysis with MOLECULAR transition metal complexes with a special focus on the water oxidation and CO2 reduction processes. The overall objective is to develop powerful MOLECULAR catalysts that can be anchored on photoanodes and photocathodes to improve their overall performance. The final goal is to build a photoelectrochemical cell for the generation of solar fuels.