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Funding is available from the Solar Fuels Network to UK-based members (including PhD students, post-docs, fellows and PIs) for various activities. There are three types of bursaries available: outreach, bilateral exchange, and travel & accommodation.

Funding Opportunities for SFN members from SuperSolar

We are pleased to announce the financial support provided by SuperSolar to the SFN for the next 4 years. Note: currently, applications should be made to SuperSolar, but these procedures may change in the future. Please clearly state your ties to the SFN in your application(s). To see which funding calls are open, please click here.

Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply - 2 Competitions

The proposed Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition aims to support innovation in the supply of hydrogen, reducing the costs of supplying hydrogen, bringing new solutions to the market, and ensuring that the UK continues to develop world leading hydrogen technologies for a future hydrogen economy. It follows on from the first Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply Competition. The competition forms part of the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP).

Up to £60 million will be competitively awarded to projects that can help develop a wide range of innovative low-carbon hydrogen supply solutions.

Full details here

Travel bursaries for PhD students & postdocs to attend international conferences

  • Full details and link at the bottom of this page

  • 6 available to SFN per year (first come first served basis, through the SuperSolar).

  • £500 per person with rest to be paid by institute/research group.

International research/industrial/outreach support

  • Grants up to £20k for growing networks, commercialisation, creating partnerships in solar, and outreach.

  • Applications open once a year, usually at the end of the year (last one was in November 2018).

Support for SFN-related meetings 

  • Funding support for the annual SFN Symposium.

  • SFN meeting organisers are eligible to apply for 10 paid places for students. Please enquire with SuperSolar for funding approval as this will be dependent on the number/types of SFN meetings held that year.

*successful applicants are encouraged to put SFN logo and announce 1 sentence about SFN on their  presentations 

Travel Bursaries for PhD Students & Postdocs to Attend International Conferences

The EPSRC SuperSolar Hub has established a fund to assist postgraduate research students and post-doctoral research assistants to present their work at international conferences.

The Hub will contribute up to £500 towards the cost of attending an international conference for those who have an oral or poster paper presentation accepted at a suitable conference. You can apply to the fund before your paper is accepted, confirmation will be required to release funds. Please note that SuperSolar will fund 80% of the total cost up to a total contribution of £500. Applicants must be registered/employed at a UK university and must be SuperSolar network members.

More information:

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