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4th UK Solar Fuels Symposium

Chair: Erwin Reisner and Junwang Tang

22nd January 2016, University of Cambridge

The 4th UK Solar Fuels Symposium took place on Friday 22nd January 2016 at St John’s College School of Divinity, Cambridge.  Chaired by Erwin Reisner and Junwang Tang, this meeting was an excellent opportunity for the research community to discuss the latest advances in solar-driven fuels research and to interact with the rapidly expanding network of researchers in the UK.

The following invited speakers presented at this meeting:

Prof Edman Tsang (Oxford University)
Prof Kylie Vincent (Oxford University)
Dr Julia Weinstein (Sheffield University)
Prof Greg Wildgoose (University of East Anglia)

A poster session enabled PhD students and early career researchers to showcase their work. Prizes were awarded for the best talk/poster, sponsored by Energy and Environmental Science



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