3rd UK Solar Fuels Symposium & PG Symposium

Chair: Profs Mercedes Maroto-Valer and Richard Cogdell

19-20th January 2015, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

The main meeting was held on Tuesday 20th January, chaired by Profs Mercedes Maroto-Valer and Richard Cogdell.  This was preceded by a post-graduate symposium on the afternoon of Monday 19th January, at which PhD students and early career researchers had the opportunity to present their work.  These free meetings were an opportunity for SFN members to discuss the latest advances in the field of solar-driven fuels research and to interact with the rapidly expanding network of researchers in the UK.

Reports from attendees at this event:
Reports – 3rd UK Solar Fuels Symposium_1
Reports_3rd UK Solar Fuels Symposium_2

3rd UK Solar Fuels Symposium
Post-graduate Symposium

Department of Chemistry
Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy

University of Liverpool,  UK

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